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Evaluations & Treatment
Multidisciplinary Evaluations

Feinberg Medical Group offers evaluation and treatment of injured workers. Our consultation service strives to provide specific and accurate diagnoses that allow for effective individualized treatment plans.  Our goal is to help patients recover from their injuries and successfully return to the workplace.  We are able to offer a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and our providers work closely together to ensure quality evidence based care..

A Multidisciplinary Evaluation (MDE) is a comprehensive assessment with a physiatrist, physical therapist and psychologist followed by a team conference. The evaluation provides an appropriate diagnosis, current physical and functional level, psychological assessment and barriers to rehabilitation. Treatment recommendations are given.

Psychological Treatments

FMG's Psychology Services consist of individual psychotherapy, group classes and seminars. Treatment focuses on utilizing a Cognitive-Behavioral Approach. In session, patients will learn active coping skills that include stress reduction and relaxation exercises as well as changing maladaptive thoughts/behaviors.  The Pain Coping Skills Class consists of 6 sessions focused on improving pain management skills. The Sleep Seminar is a one time intervention that is designed to improve sleep and is appropriate for patients struggling with stress, acute pain and chronic pain.

Medical Legal Evaluations

Dr. Steven Feinberg is available to evaluate injured workers for AME and QME evaluations. Dr. Feinberg is available also for IMEs in Civil/3rd party cases.

Dr. M. Kale Wedemeyer is available to evaluate injured workers for AME and QME evaluations.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

An FCE is a detailed and extensive evaluation that measures the ability of an individual to perform ADLs or work-related tasks on a safe and dependable basis. Barriers to increased physical functioning and return to work are also determined. The FMG FCE is performed by a doctorate level physical therapist specializing in chronic pain. Individualized, standardized and computerized tests designed to focus on the patient’s impairments and functional abilities are used in this comprehensive evaluation.

Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluation services consist of Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) Evaluations and Psychological Consults. Both evaluations include a diagnostic interview, psychological assessments and psychological reports. The SCS Evaluation is designed to identify appropriateness for a SCS Implant and to identify psychosocial/behavioral barriers to treatment success. The Psychological Consults are designed to identify appropriateness for psychological interventions to pain management. Reports can be completed within 72 hours and scheduling is hassle-free.

Functional Restoration Programs

FMG's Functional Restoration Programs are interdisciplinary, outpatient pain management programs for patients with sub-acute or persistent pain. Our programs include coordinated treatment with a fellowship trained pain physician, Ph.D. level pain psychologist, and a Doctorate level physical therapist. The programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient. The term functional restoration describes the process by which a patient acquires the skills and knowledge that leads to behavioral change necessary to restore function and improve quality of life. We provide Aftercare and Family Group services as part of our FRP as well.

Work Conditioning/
Work Hardening

Work Conditioning/Hardening is the next step for patients who have trialed physical therapy/chiropractic care and were unable to make significant progress or have not yet been able to meet the goals of return to work or independence in daily activities.  Despite the name, work conditioning is not only used for return to work, but is also used to improve performance of daily tasks.   Work conditioning/hardening can assist the doctor in determining clear, patient-demonstrated work abilities and restrictions.


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